Race 5 is here – Dedicated to XBOX 1 ONLY! Booking form below! As ever, this books up FAST, so be quick!

There’s 20 spots open, first come, first served! The first race dramas were turn one (no surprise really… we’d have made a fortune betting on that!) Sign up for the next online race hosted by Pitbays!

Platform: Xbox One
Game: Formula 1 2019
Circuit: Brazil GP
Date: 5th April 2020
Start Time: 19:00
Gearing: Automatic
Gridslots: 20

Starting with an 18 minute qualifying, then into a 25% duration race. The race will be setup with default settings, crash damage will be set to¬† REDUCED (no dropdown bumpers here…. although you’ve get every chance to lose the whole front wing!)

Cars – all are STILL set to equal! But we want to see your best livery, so no manufacturers cars will be available! Come on guys, sort your livery out!

If you want to enter, simply fill in the form below and we’ll email you how to join our first every race!

Who said Covid19 would stop us racing!!!



1 – daniel fazzone
2 – alex magee
3 – Jason Roalf
4 – Ben Cowley
5 – Rylee Brown
6 – Alfie Brooks
7 – David Mitchell
8 – Max Taylor
9 – Les Taylor
10 – Leon Henderson
11 – William Murphy
12 – Ollie Varney
13 – Alex Ley
14 – Aidan Seaton
15 – Sean Berry
16 – Ruben Stanislaus
17 – Lewis Islin
18 – Will Shrees
19 – John Knox
20 – Josh Agambar